Esk Valley woodland
Our vision as a church involves four aspects of knowing and making known Jesus. We want to be people who do the following:






Everybody worships something. Our conviction is that we were made to know and worship God. His grace is the motivation for this because, despite our rebellion against Him, He sent His Son Jesus to be our Rescuer. We can worship God in the way we work, the way we talk to people, the way we socialise and the way we gather for church on a Sunday.
Christians are called to grow and flourish in their faith. This means knowing, obeying, enjoying and becoming like Him in all areas of our lives. The gospel is not that by growing in this way we earn our rescue from God. Rather, because of the gospel we know God’s love, and so are more able to love and follow Him.  
The bible teaches us that we are to love God with all our heart, and love our neighbour as ourselves. So we are not to be selfish, but selfless and helpful people. We do this because God first loved us; which is the good news of the gospel. It works out in practical care for each other and anyone we know in need.
We may serve people in terms of practical need, but the most vital way is that we share the gospel with them. We want to create an environment where sharing our faith is not something strange or threatening, but a natural part of the church culture. Much of the way we do this is simply in the existing relationships we have.